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Bay Area Records Conversion offers end-to-end services from box pick up through scanning to paper records destruction.  We provide high-speed conversion of regular, oversized and undersized documents.  Our equipment can handle both single and double-sided documents.  The quality of the scanned images either matches, or exceeds, the original paper versions.  Images are named according to each client’s specifications, and images can be output directly into clients’ electronic content management systems, or on to mobile devices such as USBs, DVDs or CDs.

Most of our clients outsource their scanning and records management services to save time and money; however we also provide best practice consultation services for those who wish to complete their digital records management services in house.

Project Planning

Converting mountains of paper into digital files isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Getting it right starts with good planning. The professional document management consultants at Bay Area Records have developed tool kits and best practices to help you understand how to implement an effective and efficient document conversion system.

High Speed Scanning

Bay Area Records has leading-edge equipment to scan all kinds of documents, from simple paper forms to images to oversized architectural drawings. But there’s more to document conversion than feeding sheets of paper into a scanner. Bay Area Records provides expert quality control every step along the way to ensure optimal resolution for each type of document. Any images that aren’t perfect are sent back for rescanning.

Data Capture

Bay Area Records uses industry-leading technology including barcode recognition, optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition software. This enables us to scan and convert handwritten, typed or printed documents into digital files that can be easily and quickly searched, displayed, updated and securely archived for legal and tax purposes or use in future data mining projects.


Coding and indexing are essential in order to make your electronically archived documents are properly organized and easy to retrieve. Bay Area Records will work with you to ensure that all of your documents are categorized into useful and meaningful search fields, file names and structures. Then you can be sure that your documents end up where they’re supposed to and can be found when they’re needed.

Image Output

Once the scanning process is complete, we deliver the images directly to your electronic document management system. Alternatively, we can provide the files in the format and on the type of storage device that suits you best, including tablets and other mobile devices, USB stick or hard drive, or uploaded to your SFTP server. For ongoing storage and management of your electronic documents, we offer the cloud-based Odiss™ solution through our partnership with Octacom.

Records Destruction

Protecting individuals’ privacy is paramount at a time when businesses and public sector organizations are collecting more information than ever. Therefore, the secure destruction of critical documents – especially if they contain personal health, legal or employment information – is essential. Bay Area Records provides secure records destruction in compliance with federal and provincial regulations, including the recommendations of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

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