Electronic Archiving

Electronic Archiving Services – Preparing and Purging Records

The most labour intensive part of digitizing paper documents is the process of preparing and purging documents to be “scanner ready.”   Some clients require only portions of their records to be retained and scanned, and don’t want to go through the time and trouble of purging documents that don’t need to be kept.  Purging ensures that duplicate and redundant documents do not occupy space – and degrade functionality – of the digital archive.

The experts at Bay Area Records have extensive skills and experience in preparing and purging documents for fast, effective archiving.

Our preparation and purging services include:

  • Compiling an inventory of the records being digitized
  • Removing individual documents from file folders and binders, and confidentially destroying them, or  returning these documents to the client, if desired
  • Removing staples, paper clips and other fasteners
  • Mounting documents that are too small to scan on their own
  • Repairing any tears in documents

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Electronic Archiving
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Our electronic archiving service purges your redundant documents so they don't occupy space – and degrade functionality – of the digital archive.