Thought Leaders: Tips for Effective Digital File Management

Regularly reviewing practices and protocols for effective file management systems and procedures should be a recurring upkeep task for an organization’s operations department. Effective digital file management procedures can make a substantial difference in organizational workflows, internal communication, budget, and overall operational efficiency. We asked three industry leaders to give us their tips for how…

The Changing World of Work in Light of COVID19

Many industries have steadily been moving towards work-from-home environments, online meetings, and digital documentation recently. The pandemic caused by the coronavirus, however, may push organizations who have previously been resistant to changing the status quo to adopt these practices. Employees are being forced to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus and…

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Document Management

1. Less Cost Typically an outsourcing company can provide the equivalent defined services at a much lower cost; 2. Per Image Pricing This makes for easy budgeting and means no software to buy, no seat licences and no annual software maintenance fees; 3. Experience and Expertise A professional service bureau provides effective structured processes, controls,…

Joseph Brant Hospital Selects Hamilton Firm for Health Records Scanning

HAMILTON – Bay Area Records Conversion (BARC) has won a contract to provide record scanning services for Burlington’s Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH). The three-year contract involves annually converting an estimated 2.5 million pages of paper patient records into digital images, and uploading these images into the hospital’s electronic record system.

Hamilton Business Wins Major Contract to Scan Niagara Health Records

HAMILTON – Hamilton’s Bay Area Records Conversion (BARC) has entered into a five-year contract to scan inpatient records for the Niagara Health System. The preliminary phase of the contract requires some six million pages to be converted to digital format from the Douglas Memorial Site in Fort Erie, Greater Niagara General Site in Niagara Falls, Port Colborne Site, St. Catharines Site and Welland Site.